Miroslava Duma

You've seen her all over Pinterest, Vouge.com, Refinery29, and basically every other fashion website you can think of. You may not have even realized half your "Wardrobe Wishes" Pinterest board is made up of snaps of her. But besides having the closet of your dreams, who exactly is Miroslava Duma?

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

To say it short and sweet (much like Duma herself), she is a Russian street style icon whose closet is the stuff of legend. Seriously, I would trade almost anything to be able to borrow from just her outwear collection. A lifelong fan of high fashion, Duma founded the website Buro 24/7 in 2008 with childhood friend Fira Chilieva. The website was started as a news forum for fashion obsessed Russians. To quote Duma, "We cover that Net-a-Porter is launching a magazine called The Edit. We interviewed Francis For Coppola when he was in Moscow. We don't write about Kim Kardashian." While her clothes and style may be fun and sometimes a little silly, Duma herself is all about business and takes the fashion industry seriously.

Spring/Summer Looks

Since the launch of Buro 24/7, Duma had solidified her status as more than just a style icon. She is truly knowledgeable about more than just how to put together a great outfit. Duma knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry, as evidenced by the high quality work being turned out for Buro 24/7 as well as her work with TSUM, essentially the Russian Neiman Marcus, and Harper's Bazaar Russia, where she was a fashion editor. She hopes to take the fashion and media industries by storm and change the way we talk about and view fashion. She may be little (without her platform sandals Duma stands just over 5") but this woman has big plans and even bigger dreams, and with the success of Buro 24/7 I can't help but feel confident that she will succeed.

Fall/Winter Looks

Check out the inspiring articles, photographs, and information on Buro 24/7, or learn more about Duma and her fascinating views on style and fashion by reading some of her interviews listed below.

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