Choupette Lagerfeld

Everyone loves their pets, but few love their pets enough to provide them with 2 maids and a chef of their very own. Then again, few pets (only one to be exact) are lucky enough to be owned by the creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld.

Choupette was originally owned by male model Baptiste Giabiconi, who asked Lagerfeld to cat-sit while he traveled for the month of December in 2011. Upon Giabiconi's return however, Lagerfeld announced that Choupette was his new love and obsession and unfortunately Giabiconi would have to find himself a new furry companion. Thus began the lavish lifestyle of one of fashion's favorite felines.

Choupette has been photographed for numerous ad campaigns and magazine editorials, most recently appearing in the car company Opel's 2015 calendar. Why stick to the usual pin up models when you can use a face like Choupette's?

Her latest project is a collaboration with beauty brand Shu Uemura, called (as you may have guessed) Shupette. Stay tuned for more information on how you too can achieve the pampered look Choupette has got down to purrfection.

all images taken from Pinterest