High Street

If you've ever flipped through a British fashion magazine or chatted with our friends across the pond, you've likely heard the term 'high street' in reference to fashion shops and brands. So what exactly does that term mean? In the most basic sense, 'high street' brands are mass-market retail (think Zara and Forever21). This does not include high end designers or unique boutiques.

The term came about from people shopping the stores on the high street in their towns and cities, which is equivalent to the American main street.  Most high street fashion retailers stock up on trendier pieces and pieces inspired by (or sometimes copied from) the runways of high end designers. Some high street shops you've probably shopped at, or at the very least heard of, include Topshop, River Island, Whistles, and Oasis. American versions include Forever21, Madewell, and Club Monaco.

(some of high street shop Anthropologie's storefronts)

The great thing about high street shops is that they give those of us with a more average income a chance to try out and mimic styles from our favorite runway and magazine moments. So while the Blair Waldorfs of the world spend their day stocking up on the real deal, I'll be sticking to the much more affordable Zara.

image via Gossip Girl (CW)

image via Gossip Girl (CW)