Fashion people are always coming up with new and wonderful words to replace those deemed unpleasant or unexciting. Vegan leather has replaced pleather, curvy has replaced plus sized, and vintage has replaced old or used. Because of all these alternative words, fashion vocabulary can get a bit confusing at times. Luckily you have Lady Gray to guide you! So what on earth does "bespoke" mean???

Bespoke refers to an item that is custom made or made to order. In its original use, it was meant to refer to mostly men's clothing like suits and hats and because of the custom nature of those items, bespoke pieces were very expensive. Nowadays, bespoke has ventured into the women's department and can refer to many more things. For instance, getting a bag or a pair of sunglasses with your monogram, or a pair of smoking slippers with your family's crest embroidered on them (it's real, see below) would mean you've received a bespoke item. It's a word more commonly used in British English, but being the fancy people that we are, fashion minded Americans have adopted the term in place of 'custom'.

image taken from Stubbs&

image taken from Stubbs&

Many places offer bespoke items like sweaters, purses, and shoes. J.Crew has an entire section of their website dedicated to custom items called the Monogram Shop (below). Some designers, like the shoe brand Stubbs and Wootton (above), have built their whole business on the idea of creating individual bespoke items. So when you're looking for something completely your own to make you feel special, maybe try googling bespoke, instead of just custom.

image taken from

image taken from

Avant Garde

Anyone else a fan of Project Runway? My favorite challenges, other than the unconventional material ones, are the avant garde challenges. It's often the case than many of the designers don't quite understand the concept of avant garde and so fail to live up to the judges hopes and standards. So what is avant garde?

Simply put it is something new, original, experimental, or unseen before. It doesn't necessarily mean crazy or bizarre, although it certainly can be. Instead it is an opportunity for artists, like designers, to try to create something brand new. Nothing is off limits. Think Lady Gaga or Alexander McQueen.

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Lug Sole

One of the most popular shoe trends this fall is the Lug Sole. And if you think that sounds heavy or bulky, then you are absolutely right. A lug sole is typically a thick rubber sole with indentations to improve stability. You likely associate them with work boots like Timberlands because that is where the lug sole began. This year it looks like the lug has traveled out of the woods and onto the catwalk. 

High Heeled Platform Ankle Boot $139 // Timberland Roll Top Boot $150 // Sandal with Lug Sole $119

The lug sole can now be found on everything from flatform sandals to punk booties to heeled sandals. These examples from Zara are just a taste of the many varieties gracing our feet this fall. Leave behind your wobbly stilettos and embrace the comfort of the Lug Sole.