From WWD to WWW?

So if Women's Wear Daily is no longer printed daily, can it still be called Women's Wear Daily? It may sound like a question posed by Karen Smith from Mean Girls, but its actually something to be considered by Jay Penske and the Fairchild Fashion media crew. As the Head of Fairchild, which recently acquired WWD, Penske is considering reducing the daily printed publication.

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But don't go canceling your print subscription just yet. While Penske has become well known for his digital publication prowess, he is unlikely to completely get rid of WWD's print editions. Said one executive to Keith J. Kelly from the New York Post, "The thinking is that most of the WWD exclusives are held for a day or so anyway, and that the editors are plugged in enough that the exclusives will still hold even if there is not a print edition every day."

One idea currently being explored is that of printing a glossy weekly version of the to-be-developed WWD Magazine. WWD used to partner with monthly W magazine, but the magazine stayed under Conde Nast's control when WWD made the move to Fairchild.

These discussions are yet another example of how print media is unfortunately, a dying field. WWD differs from other magazines and glossies in that it provides news rather than styling advice, celebrity interviews, and photo spreads. So it is no surprise that readers are finding it significantly easier to get that information online or in a digital format. Whatever Penske and co decide upon as the next course of action, they are going to have to fight to keep WWD the print edition alive

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