Sia Stuns on SNL

Pop stars and Saturday Night Live don't always mix well. With its intimate stage setting and limited space, the SNL studios don't seem to fit the theatrics and dance numbers those stars come to be known for. But this didn't stop Australian singer and songwriter Sia from practically stealing the show in an episode hosted by Kevin Hart on January 17th.

For her two performances, Sia chose to sing Elastic Heart and Chandelier. Both live stagings managed to express all the emotion her music videos convey without overwhelming SNL's small stage. For Elastic Heart, two dancers, one being 12 year old Maddie Ziegler who has been featured in two of Sia's music videos, owned the space with Sia standing profile towards the back, her face shrouded by a black visor. Her second performance featured a mime acting out the lyrics to Chandelier, her face again mostly covered. And while Sia's intention was clearly to allow her performance artists to take the spotlight, her powerful and stunning voice was impossible to ignore.

So while the cast of SNL may have mocked her Chandelier music video with a hilarious performance by Kate McKinnon and Jim Carrey, Sia still stunned audiences with her beautiful and memorable performances.

Watch her in the videos below. Images via, videos via