Kim Kardashian May Be Funnier Than You Think

The Kardashians and Jenners may get a lot of criticism for their fame and antics, but they are certainly not as untalented or self-absorbed as you may think. Kendall Jenner has been proving herself to be just as talented as the top models who don't come from celebrity families and Kim's new Superbowl ad for T-Mobile shows us her ability to poke fun at her selfie obsession.

The commercial specifically advertises T-Mobile's new Data Stash program, which allows you to roll your unused data over from month to month for up to one year at a time. It plays like an ad for abused animals or a lack of clean water in which Kim urges smartphone users to "save the data." After all, what better way to see all aspects of Kim's life than with all your extra rolled-over data? 

The comedic commercial is sure to grab the attention of our Kardashian crazed country, but also shows that Kim is aware of her image as a self-absorbed diva and isn't afraid to laugh it off. Good for you, Kim.