DIY : Chalkboard Clutch

Possibly my favorite accessory is the clutch. It may not always be the practical choice, but I do always feel that clutches have the power to elevate any look to a new level. Recently I was struck by this adorable chalkboard version by Ashlyn'd Honor on Nasty Gal. But with a 4 digit price tag, it is wildly outside my budget. So DIY, here I come!

image via

image via

You'll need :
 - wooden box
 - chalkboard paint
 - painter's tape
 - chalk

Use a ruler to create a rectangle on both the front and the back of the wooden box. This will be where the chalkboard paint will go. Next, box off the rectangles with painter's tape. I used a spray version of chalkboard paint, which I strongly recommend using outdoors with lots of space and lots of newspapers (just embrace the cold), but using tubed paint and a brush or even chalkboard decals will work just as well. After both sides have been painted and dried, peel the tape to reveal your fancy new chalkboard clutch. Toss in the chalk for on the go doodling and you're done!

If you really want to get fancy, add a piece of chalk to the closure. I recommend spraying the chalk with a clear acrylic coating before attaching it to the clutch or else you may find yourself with stray white lines on your skirts and pants. Not the best look, but I'm sure you can make it work.