GTL : Keri Russell Braves the Cold

Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. It's an old saying that has had a real impact on many people's lives and careers. My adaptation, however, does not always work out in the end:

Dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have.

Realistically, this motto has caused me to ruin countless pairs of shoes and go into the early stages of frost bite on walks to the subway. But that hasn't stopped me from repeating my mistakes time and time again, and apparently it hasn't stopped Keri Russell either.

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image via

The actress was spotted wearing a micro floral print pencil skirt, button down shirt, and a pair of foxy red heeled sandals in New York this month. The things she wasn't spotted wearing at the time? Tights or socks of any kind, gloves or a hat, or even a proper coat. While the coat-draped-over-your-shoulders look has become a favorite for fashion industry folk over the past few years, it isn't exactly practical or warm. And yet Russell looked happy and shiver-free as she walked down NYC's snow spotted streets.

So why not take Russell's look for a spin yourself? Maybe if we start dressing like there's no snow, it will stop snowing... but unfortunately probably not.

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