200 Hours Later

Everyone needs at least basic clothes to cover themselves and protect their bodies from the elements, but the fashion industry is about more than just that. Many people don't understand why designers in an industry centered around the production of clothing would spend so much time and money creating couture garments that only the top one percent of the one percent will order to be recreated with their specific measurements? But the point of couture is not to be worn by the everyday person. It is a form of fine art.

This concept of couture as a fine art becomes even clearer when you observe the creation of a single dress from start to finish, and thanks to Dior and Refinery29, now you can. Refinery29 shot a mini documentary on the production of a single Dior couture dress from its conception to its debut on the runway in Paris. It took over 200 hours to put the dress together. The time, effort, and precision put into that one garment is incredible and the end result is stunning.

video via Refinery29.com