Bite Beauty's Chapped Lip Fix

It's that time of year again, when your hair can't seem to lose the static and your lips are perpetually chapped. With all the precipitation we've been experiencing you'd think some of it would stick to our skin, but unfortunately it hasn't. However, thanks to Bite Beauty now there is a way to truly fix your flaky lip issue, and it doesn't involve applying lip balm every 10 minutes.

The Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips is a deep therapy cure for winter's pesky dry lip problem. The two step kit comes with a hydrating lip scrub to remove dead skin and a super thick leave-on lip mask to replenish your delicate skin's natural moisture levels.

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image via's Jenna Rennert tested Bite's kit earlier this month and was far from disappointed. "Within on day, my lips started to feel like lips again. By day five, they looked dramatically healthier," she reported. And as daunting as a five-day lip program may seem, I'd be willing to bet it's actually easier than most other parts of your nightly routine. After washing your face, use the hydrating lip scrub to exfoliate the area. Next, slather on the leave-on lip mask, which is made from food-grade ingredients, and hit the hay. And that's it! It is literally easier than one, two, three. And with a $15 price tag, what reason can you come up with to really say no to healthier, happier lips?

Get your Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips now at Sephora.