Donde esta mi vestido?

When it comes to searching for the perfect dress, nothing really compares to a trip to the mall or a walk down Fifth Avenue. But sometimes we just can't find the time for a shopping trip. That is when the miracle of personal shopping comes in! Personal shoppers are trained to find you exactly what you want, from neckline to color to fabric. And the new personal shopping app Donde is making that task easier than ever before.

Donde founder Liat Zakay came up with the idea for the app while trying to use Google to find her perfect dress, where she found it difficult to convey things like neckline into Google-able terms. "It makes sense for us to use text to search for things that are made out of words, but when it comes to products, that needs to change," said Zakay to Refinery29's Emily Price.

Instead of using search terms like "mid-length" or "cap sleeve" to search for an item, Donde uses images and swatches to allow you to specify what you're looking for. Just answer a series of questions and Donde will provide you with a variety of options that fit your criteria. Prices range from $50 up to $600 with dresses pulled from stores like Zara, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, meaning there is sure to be something in your price range.

image via Refinery29

image via Refinery29

At the moment the app is focusing only on dresses, but Zakay hopes to expand the technology to use for other product searches as well, possibly even branching into furniture and home goods. The app also has the ability to grow and change, adjusting it's search terms and selection, as it becomes more popular and Zakay and her team receive more customer feedback.

Donde is currently available only for iOs and can be purchased at the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.