It's A Walk-off, Baby

By the end of Fashion Month, everyone is pretty tired of seeing runway show after runway show. After a while collections start to blend together, save for those with something special to remember them by. For Valentino, that little something special was absolutely worth the month long wait.

The Valentino F/W 15 show was as beautiful as you would expect from such an established and highly regarded fashion house. Viewers sat respectfully observing the collection, admiring the handiwork and intricate detailing, as they would at any other show. That is, until the final models hit the runway. Strutting their stuff to "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League was none other than Derek Zoolander and his frenemy Hansel.

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image via

The audience loved it, as did the fashion world as whole. And as it turns out, this wasn't just a stunt for Valentino (whose reps were sworn to secrecy before the event). It was actually a promo for Zoolander 2, which started production a month ago. So you better start practicing your "blue steel" looks now ladies and gentleman in preparation for the premiere. One can only imagine what our favorite male models will be up to this time.

Check out the walk-off in the video below, as well as a cheeky clip by Vogue where Anna Wintour asks the boys to show them her walks.

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