GTL : Black and White and Chic All Over

Mixing prints is a difficult fashion trick to master. However, there is at least one fool proof method and it involves the fashion industry's favorite color - black and white prints are your new best friends. They are easy mix and match and flattering on everyone. It's likely you even have some of these pieces in your closet right now.

When mixing prints you can go one of two routes, either sticking to similar prints (i.e. florals with florals) or mixing completely (i.e. stripes and polka dots). If you're heading down path number one, try to avoid prints that are too similar. A vertically striped pencil skirt can look adorable paired with horizontally striped top, but adding a vertically striped top instead can look too much like a uniform or a dress whose pattern didn't match up correctly. If you've decided to go the print mixing distance, then pattern size is what you'll need to pay most attention to. A bold splatter paint skirt with pair better with a smaller polka dot or stripe. This way, your loud pieces can still shine and your look won't be overwhelmed with print.

My only other piece of advice? Make sure the whites of your pieces are very close in shade. Mixing creams with bright whites will end up looking off and maybe even dirty. Now go and mix away with confidence!

Forever21 Fuzzy Plaid // Topshop Mathelete Grid // Forever21 Stripe Tee // Zara Polka Dot Blouse
Lipsy Essentials Stripe Crop // Topshop Leaf Print Cami // ASOS Oversized Polka Dot Shirt
Zara Embroidered Polka Dot Top // June & Hudson Floral Crop // Zara Striped Blouse
ASOS Crochet Top // Zara Flower Print Blouse // Topshop Sheer Stripe

Zara Grid Pants // Leith Print Midi Skirt // Oasis Floral Pant // Zara Stripe Sarong Skirt
Banana Republic Heritage Short // June & Hudson Crepe Pants // Keepsake Marble Wrap Skirt
June & Hudson Floral Print Short // Zara Stripe Skirt // Topshop Leaf Print Pant
Banana Republic Soft Dot Short // Nasty Gal Houndstooth Skirt

all images via Pinterest