Tone It Up - Bikini Series

While the official start date for Summer 2015 may be June 21st, the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, is only six weeks away. So unless you have a tropical vacation coming up in the next month (jealous), this means you'll be strutting your bikini bod along the beach in just a month and a half. If that thought just terrified you, don't freak out just yet. The lovely ladies of Tone It Up have just the fix for you.

Karina and Katrina of the popular web series and fitness program Tone It Up have launched their 2015 Bikini Series program just in time for swimsuit season. You may recognize them from their show on ???, but these women are about much more than having fun on the beach. Karina and Katrina have dedicated themselves to creating fun and effective workouts specifically designed for female bodies. Each workout comes with a printable cheat sheet and a video to show you the moves. For the past few years, the Tone It Up babes have been releasing their 8-week Bikini Series programs before the start of the summer to help ladies feel better about stripping out of their cozy winter staples.

In addition to the free workout routines (did I mention they were free? score!), Tone It Up offers members a community where women can find running buddies to keep them motivated and a nutrition plan with hundreds of recipes. However, the best part is the emphasis that Karina and Katrina put on loving your body, no matter the size. Of course they encourage you to eat healthy and take care of your body, but it is all in the name of love. Every body is a bikini body - just stick it in a bikini.

To join Karina and Katrina in their preparation for summer fun and receive weekly emails with detailed workout plans you'll need to sign up on their website. Then get ready to start on Monday. Summer 2015 here we come!

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