Swimsuits Worth the Weird Tan Lines

I will never forget getting ready for prom my senior year of high school. Not because it was an incredible evening (or a bad one), but because before I even put on my dress I spent a solid half hour trying to find the perfect mix of blush and bronzer to fill in my weird tan lines from a beach trip the weekend before. I eventually found that magical shade and no one could tell my chest and back were only half baked but it taught me a valuable lesson. Even if it is the hottest trend of the summer, strappy swimwear is just not worth the effort you'll need to put in come Monday morning to fix the white stripes on your shoulders before work. That is, except for these beach babes. I would gladly wake up early to bronze (or blush) to look this cute!

Tori Praver $242 (sold separately) // Victoria's Secret $40 // L*Space $139 // Mikoh $213 (sold separately) // Forever 21 $28 (sold separately) // Jaded London $81 // Mikoh $276 (sold separately) // O'Neill $92 //  Forever 21 $29 (sold separately) 

Of course, you should always put on sunscreen before heading out into the sun. And if you're on a boat, remember the rays bouncing off the water! Below are some sunscreens guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and protected instead of slimy or slick.