Skirt + Dress = Double the Wardrobe

The other day I woke up bright and early to do some yoga and shower before work. I felt calm, happy, and ready to start my day. Then I realized 20 minutes had gone by and I was still standing in my towel staring blankly at my open closet. No matter how many articles and blog posts I've read on never finding myself with nothing to wear again, it happens. I just get stuck. However, I've found that these are the days I am most inspired to try something new, odd, or unexpected. Sometimes it doesn't go so well - like the day I found myself at work dressed in baggy boyfriend jeans, an oversized silk blouse, pearls, and birkenstocks. However, other days it means I discover new styling tricks that open my closet up to countless new opportunities. The latest trick? Wearing my skirts over my dresses.

Before you go thinking I'm crazy and that this tip will inevitably leave you looking like you got dressed in the dark, hear me out. By slipping on a skirt over that too-short-for-almost-any-occasion dress it suddenly becomes an adorable work appropriate blouse. And if the skirt ends up being a tad shorter than your fancy cocktail dress, a peek-a-boo of lace will give your skirt a whole new vibe.

Still feeling nervous about leaving the house in twice what you'd usually wear? Try tying or buttoning a shirt around your waist as a trial run with a similar vibe.

all images via Pinterest