She Thinx

At this point, you probably don't think twice about buying tampons, pads, and liners. You either have your go-to brand or really couldn't care less as long as you can still wear you favorite white summer dress without fearing a stain from the riding the red wave. But what you may not think of is all the women out there who can't pop into CVS or Duane Reade at the last minute. Women whose lives are truly interrupted once a month. You may not have considered them, but She Thinx has.

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She Thinx founders Antonia Dunbar, Miki Aragal, and Radha Agrawal are rethinking the process of dealing with your period. Originally inspired by their own frustration searching for tampons that don't leak, underwear that resists stains, and the ever-impossible comfortable pad, these three friends set out to create undies that can do it all. Now available in three styles (thong, hiphugger, and cheeky) the She Thinx brand allows women to keep living their lives without the constant, sometimes irrational, fear that white clothing is doomed to fall victim to your period.

"THINX is made up of THINX QuadTECH, super-thin high-performance materials that resist stains and leaks, wick moisture and provide anti-bacterial support. The first line of THINX can completely replace panty liners on days when you want light support or it can act as back up to your traditional disposable or washable/reusable methods on heavier days." - She Thinx for Elle

More importantly, however, might be the fact that for every pair of She Thinx undies purchased, the company sends a portion of the profits to their partner organization AFRIpads which trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads. These are women who have to miss school one week every month because of the stigma attached to having their periods, leaving them far behind boys their age and sometimes leading to their need to drop out of school.

She Thinx is not just for the "modern woman" living in the U.S. or Paris or London. It is for modern women everywhere. After all, it's 2015 - women shouldn't be held back by their periods any more.

Still unsure of how they work or, to be frank, really grossed out? She Thinx is more than happy to address all you questions and concerns. Check out their FAQ page or shoot them an email and they will be there to talk you through all your period woes.