RefRecycling : Reuse, Recycle, Reformation

Whenever I have the urge to shop but my budget won't allow even a small trip to Forever21 for socks, I clean out and reorganize my closet. This may sound counter intuitive but it actually helps me to realize how much clothing I actually own and how, even though I really really want those adorable robot print sneakers and that Hawaiian print pencil skirt, I absolutely do not need them. Cleaning out my wardrobe seems to be the perfect remedy to my shopping addiction when need be, but more than just saving my bank account from a hit it can't take it also makes me feel good to think of the people who will give my clothes a second life once they're donated. And now favorite "It Girl" brand Reformation is hoping to make it easier for you to do just that.

With any and every purchase from, the brand will include a RefRecycling shipping label you can use to pack up your old clothes and send them back to Reformation to be recycled and made into something new. As a brand already known for it's environmental efforts, it comes as no surprise that Reformation wants to make it easier for everyone to recycling when they can, especially when Americans reportedly throw out 68 pounds of clothing per person annually.

In addition to the RefRecycling movement, Reformation is starting its #OutfitOfThePast campaign. Just post an old photo pf yourself rocking your best (and by that they mean worst) out of date, blast from the past outfit and post it on social media using the hashtag #outfitofthepast. One lucky winner will be rewarded for their questionable fashion choices with $500 to spend at Reformation and get the closet update they so obviously need. So get cleaning and looking through all your ld photo albums to find those pieces ready to be remade for their second lives!

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