Tuesday Shoesday : Sneakers For Every Style

Whether you like it or not, sneakers as a closet staple are here to stay. At least for the time being. And while the fashion world favorites seem to remain classic Adidas, Vans, and Superga, that doesn't mean there isn't a killer pair out there perfect for your own personal style. Luckily for you, ASOS has an amazing collection of kicks that will seamlessly make their way into your shoe rotation. Stripes, fur, high tops, and metallics, oh my! Get ready to fall in love with sneakers all over again. Trust me, your feet will thank you...

Better Than Black Flats
If baby steps are necessary to get you into the sneaker state of mind try testing the waters with a simple black pair in place of your go-to classic black flats.

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Athleisure Queen
So you've mastered the ability to look like you're either headed to or coming from the most fashionable gym of all time. These pairs are just the right addition to your closet and will put you well on your way to competing with Khloe's collection. Or so one could dream...

A Pop of Color
These bright colors are sure to bring smile and some punch to any outfit. I'll take the whole rainbow please.

Minimal Does Not Equal Boring
You already know that just because you like clean lines and simple color palettes doesn't mean you're sacrificing style. These chic sneakers have the perfect balance of simplicity and edge.

Life of the Party
If you like to live by the idea that more is more, then these are the soles for you. Faux fur pom poms? Robot faces? Bright red linings? Count me in!

Stay tuned for ideas on how to style your new favorite shoes for more than just trips to the gym.