Got a White Sheet? Then You Can DIY These Halloween Costumes

OK, so Halloween weekend is just two days away, you forgot to plan a costume and you have no time to shop. Don't panic! If you've got an extra white bed sheet or two, then I've got five costumes you can DIY in no time at all. They're even ranked from most involved to least. So what are you still waiting for? Go, go, go!

Gandalf the White
additional items: brooch, boots, belt, staff, baby powder or flour

A bit of wizardry is necessary to transform yourself into the wise and wonderful Gandalf. Cut a hole in the center of a sheet and perhaps some arm holes to create his robes, then drape a second sheet over your shoulders and fasten with an elf approved brooch. Add some light brown or beige boots, a belt and a long staff (aka a stick you found outside), and you’re almost there. Use baby powder or flour to whiten your hair and break out your Santa beard just a few months early. No beard? No problem. Head to YouTube for tons of easy to follow beard makeup tutorials (like this one).

additional items: gold jewelry, gold belt, eyeliner and shadow, strappy sandals

Step 1: Get out alllllllll the gold jewelry you have. Step 2: Get your eyeliner game on point. Step 3: Rule the night like the queen you are. Drape your sheet like a toga and belt, before piling on as much gold and turquoise jewelry as you can handle. Gladiator sandals and a mean cat eye complete the look.

The Little Mermaid
additional items: rope, a fork, a fish or crab or seagull buddy

Very few whatchamacallits and thingamabobs are needed for this one. Just use a rope to secure your sheet fairly haphazardly (maybe walk around a bit to ensure there’s no chance of a nip slip). Then grab your sea creature friends for an on land adventure, and of course a fork to ensure your hair stays perfect all night long.

Princess Leia
additional items: belt, blaster

This one is really all about the hair, so don’t worry so much about getting your sheet to look too perfect. Strap on a thick belt and grab your blaster (yes, a water gun totally counts). There are a few methods you can use to achieve Leia’s iconic buns. If you’re hair long or thick enough, simple buns secured with bobby pins are definitely the way to go. If you’ve got a little less volume to work with, make two sock donuts using old clean socks and start rolling.

additional items: scissors

Go back to the days of Charlie Brown with an iconic ghost sheet costume. This is perhaps the only costume you can truthfully make in the 15 minutes before you leave the house. Lazy? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.

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