Louboutin Embraces All Shades of Nude (and flats)

Owning a pair of Louboutin pumps has long been a fashion status symbol, a sign to the world that a woman is both foxy and able to afford luxury in the form of red soled shoes. So when the brand announced its Nudes Collection in 2013, a line of nude pumps in seven different shades, women of color everywhere rejoiced. Finally! A shoe brand (and not just any brand at that) was acknowledging the fact that "nude" is not one color. Now Louboutin is at it again with a follow up collection of perfectly classic ballet flats in the same seven shades as its successful nude pumps.

Those looking to lengthen the look of their legs without crippling their poor toes would be well advised to get shopping before the first shipment sells out. I believe a big "thank you" is in order for a designer not only embracing skin-tone diversity, but also for recognizing not every woman wants to (or can) walk the cobblestone streets of downtown Manhattan in a 4-inch stiletto.

Christian Louboutin "Solasofia" flats, $595; christianlouboutin.com