31 Styling Ideas for Every Day this May

I don't know about you, but this May I intend to go completely overboard with colors, prints, and every bright thing I can find. Doesn't it feel like it's been forever since you felt the warmth of the sun on your face? Or probably more accurately, your legs? Read on to check out some fresh and fun styling tips to inspire you all month long.

1. Jump On In — Jumpsuits are possibly the easiest pieces in your wardrobe. Serisouly, it's just one piece and you're done! Switch things up by going for a brightly colored version in an unexpected fabric, like yellow denim or pink suede.


2. The Perfect Loop Hole — If you're sick of tying color scarves and bandanas around your neck, head, or ponytail then this it the update for you. Loop a scarf through a few loop holes on your jeans or pants instead of going all the way around for a pop of color that actually feels fresh.

3. Better to Over Dress — As someone who's height means dresses and skirt are always too short this is one of my favorite styling trick. Pairing dresses over jeans or pants will get you more wear and means you start breaking out your favorite summer mini even before the weather starts to comply.


4. Go On, Take A Bite — Get inspired by your favorite fairytale and give it a modern make over. How could Snow White possibly say no to an apple if it's handed to her by the chicest Evil Queen this side of the kingdom?

5. Spring Turtles — Don't stow you turtlenecks just yet! They are still a layering champion that work just as well in the spring as they did all winter long. Pair under a buttoned up shirt dress with bare stems to lighten the look.

6. Work Work Work Work — Now this is a suit I can get behind. Abandon the idea that suits are boring and turn the volume allllllll the way up in practically neon colors with an equally brightly patterned top or shoes. Prepare for lots of stares.


7. Bejeweled — Try a jeweled collar necklace that goes all the way around instead of a lapel look.

8. Upbraid Your Bun — A top knot my be the easiest way to deal with messy hair but that doesn't mean it needs to be basic. Try french braiding your hair from the nape of your neck up for a version that will absolutely impress all the beauty experts in your life.

9. Wide and Cropped — Culottes are here to stay (at least for the summer). You can never go wrong with a classic neutral version, while a colorful or ruffled pair adds a pop of fun for a night out.

10. Up Your Color Game — Mix up your color palette and try pairing colors you never thought would work before.

11. Fly High In Feathers — Feathers are not just a winter thing. Time to bring that New Year's Eve feather skirt out from the back of your closet. Wear it with jewel tones and a thin sweater for major style points.

12. Bam! Pow! — Wear your heart on your sleeve, or in this case on your shoes. Cartoonish quotes and fun captions will make you smile all day long.

13. Sweats All Day — No you can't get away with wearing sweats to work, but you can rock a graphic sweatshirt when it's paired with a sleek skirt or tailored pants and pointy toed heels.

14. Leopard Stripes — Seriously, if you haven't started mixing prints yet you have to get on board now. This trend is here to stay. Stripes + leopard print = baby steps in the right direction.

15. Remain Netural — Mix and match your lighter neutrals (think tan, cream, beige, and forest green) for a look that balances between comfort and style.

16. Open Up — Turn a button up shirt dress or tunic into a crop top by unbuttoning all the way up to there.

17. The Scarf Solution — The coolest way to deal with sweaty summer hair is by brushing it back into a low bun and tying an attention grabbing scarf around your hear.


18. Wear Your Crown Proud — Sick of the half up bun but still want to get your hair out of your face? Introducing the comb crown! Sure it started as a bridal trend, but who cares?

19. For the Big Boobed Among Us — Overalls and an off-the-shoulder top? A purely genius way to wear a regular bra and still embrace the OTS trend.

20. Pretty In Pink — Monochrome outfits are always in style. Shake things up by picking a shade not often found in nature, like hot pink, neon orange, or shocking yellow.

21. Go Backpacking — Give your shoulders a break by rocking a stylish backpack instead of you usual go-to tote bag.

22. A Sexy Twist — You've tried a tunic with leggings or jeans, but what about shorts? Give this sexy twist a try next time your head out for date night.

23 mix print.jpg

23. Kiss and Make Up — Because why shouldn't you match your shirt to your lipstick. Literally.

24. Date Night — "Try to leave something to the imagination" said every mom ever. "I'm an adult and I'll show all the side boob I'd like, thank you very much" said the fashion seductress living in every daughter's brain.

25. Chain Up the Girls — No they're not supportive in any way, but chain bras appear to be the latest trend in body jewelry. Style one over a bikini for the beach or under a low cut top for a sexy surprise.

26. Your Newest Closet Staple — Unexpected shirting is a huge trend for spring, summer, and even fall. The easiest way to test the waters is in a shirt dress with one or two fun details like a tied waist, funky colors, or buttons that stand out.

27. Strategically Sheer — While wearing three pieces of sheer clothing at once may be best left to the fashion advanced, one or two items will keep you cool as the weather starts to heat up.

28. Midi Dresses and Hi-Tech SneakersVogue has already deemed this the new "cool girl uniform" so it's only a matter of time before everyone you know hops on board.

29. Turn It Around — The best way to dress up backless tops and dresses is with a backwards necklace of course! Bonus: a v-cut and single drop chain help whittle your waist.

30. Shine On, Baby — Whoever thinks sequin minis and bulky leather boots don't go together, please observe a master at work.

31. Coconutty — Replace your regular bra with two tropical drinks served in coconuts. It's far less supportive but way more fun. Tequila optional, but obviously preferred.