Tuesday Shoesday : Apparently I Need Tevas

It's a spectacular feeling when you find that the pieces you've stowed in the back of your closet for the past seven or eight years are suddenly back in style. It's even better when they still fit or haven't been completely falling torn apart by moths. I experienced this exact kind of joy this past weekend when I pulled my velcro and rubber Teva sandals out from spring/summer storage and realized I would actually be wearing them in public this year.

A variety of practical and comfortable shoe styles have been making the rounds lately, and it looks like this summer may just be Teva's moment in the spotlight. Sure I may have originally purchased my pair for easy hiking trips and walks along rocky beaches, but it looks like Teva's are replacing Birkenstock's as the fashion girl's choice sandal. Whether you're looking for a basic white style to wear with everything or a bright bold pattern to pump up your basics, Teva has you covered. They even have leather styles that are sure to be more comfortable than any strappy gladiators you may be eying. And considering they can already boast collaborations with brands like Opening Ceremony, Nasty Gal, and Honestly WTF, easy chic sandals are sure to be the subject of more fashion makeovers in the near future. Better snap up a pair while you can! Or just dust off your old rusty (maybe literally) pair and prepare your response for the compliments to come — Oh, these old things?