Tuesday Shoesday : #withoutshoes

TOMS is back for the 2016 #withoutshoes campaign and today's the day! You know the brand for its "buy a pair, give a pair" philosophy but this one day event is slightly different. Even if you're completely strapped for cash or couldn't possibly fit another pair of shoes in your closet if you tried, you can still help get shoes onto the feet of those in need.

For today only TOMS with donate one pair of shoes for every Instagram photo of bare feet or empty shoes with the hashtag #withoutshoes. Seriously, it's just that easy. At any point today, simply slip out of your shoes and snap a photo. The company has pledged to donate up to 100,000 pairs of shoes to children across 10 different countries, so tag your friends to keep the movement going.

Want to do more to help? Go ahead, get a pair of TOMS for yourself and feel good knowing your purchase just bought a pair of shoes for a child in need as well.

images via Instagram @toms and Toms.com