This Gucci Inspired Jacket Is an Absolute Must-Have

There is no denying Gucci is on a major roll, appearing on red carpets and sidewalks alike all over the world. Who would have thought that kitschy librarian chic would prove to be such a successful inspiration and make Gucci perhaps the hottest brand of 2016? As designer Alessandro Michele's embroidered and patched designs trickle down through the fashion ranks, being consistently diluted along the way, this denim jacket from British brand Glamorous is taking things all the way back to the source.

Gucci $4,400 // Glamorous $89

Part of what makes the Gucci embroidery so special is the detail paid to the butterflies and flowers, almost as if mimicking scientific drawings of flora and fauna. Glamorous maintains that detail but tones down the volume creating a version that's easier to wear and much easier to buy. You really can't go wrong whether you go with "My Love" for $89 or splurge on "Blinded by Love" for $4,400. So what are you waiting for? Time to get shopping my fellow nerdy 70's inspired magpies!

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