Style Inspiration for Every Day this November

From Election Day to Thanksgiving, these ladies have got you covered.


White Hot Summer

The idea that wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas has been officially tossed out the window (along with most other fashion "rules"), but there's no denying the color will always be chic for summer. Go head to toe monochrome to show off a faux glow and look white hot while staying oh so cool.

30 Style Ideas for Every Day this June

This summer don't get stuck in a summer dress and sandals rut. Let these 30 styling ideas inspire you to test the trends and get the most out of your wardrobe all month long.

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1. Suspended Style - White jeans and a plain white tee suddenly feel office appropriate when styled with suspenders and a sleep pair of pumps, while pops of color add a touch a fun.

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2. Boots Still Made For Walking - Don't put those over-the-knee boots in storage just yet! Rock them with a mod mini to avoid looking out of season. Bonus? They'll keep your legs warm in frigid office temps.

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3. City Bike Style - Who says a bike basket can't double as a handbag? DIY your own by wrapping the top of a dust bag around the rim of a metal basket, and voila!

4. Light and Loose - Light, loose layers are key for staying cool through sweltering summer days.

5. Just Kickin' It - "Just chilling in my shirtdress, favorite kicks, and a perfectly undone topknot" — the coolest girl on the block's answer to the question "So what're you up to this weekend?"

6. Short Shorts and a Loooong Jacket - Show off those stems in short and a jacket that hit your leg at the same spot.

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7. A Scarf Solution - Still haven't managed to put your winter things in storage? Feel less guilty and get some extra mileage out of winter scarves by tying them around your waist like an obi belt.

8. Walk the Rainbow - Yes, you are in fact justified in buying mules (the shoe of the season) in every color and style you can find. Your feet will thank you later.

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9. A Different Kind of Lampshading - Pairing crop tops with high-waisted pants is nothing new, but Natalie Joos makes the look feel fresh in a cropped peplum and fitted flares.

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10. Dip It Low - Next time you knot the tails of a button up, leave all the buttons undone for a subtly sexy twist.

11. Bringing the Beach to Work - Button up, classic pumps, and a sleek clutch? All office go-to staples. A sarong tied as a skirt? Hey, if Nausheen Shah can do it, so can you!

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12. You've Got a Choke Hold On Me - Forget about a delicate black ribbon — instead throw yourself head over heels into the choker trend with a chunky statement version.

13. Play Matchmaker - Chiara Ferragni may be rocking a romper here, but her look can't help but make you wonder why you haven't been matching your shirts to your shorts for years?

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14. The Ever Versatile Body(swim)suit - Hoping to hop on this summer's bodysuit trend but finding yourself strapped for cash? Break out your one-piece swimsuits and embrace their many straps, patterns, and atypical-for-day fabrics. Trust, you'll look ever chicer than the next girl.

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15. The Girl With the Golden Gams - Give your leather a seasonal upgrade and opt for lighter colors and cool metallics instead of your usual black.

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16. DIY Booties - Socks + stappy heels = a brand new pair of adorable booties! This may just be the easiest way to double your shoe wardrobe on the cheap.

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17. Gingham Gang - Toughen up a girly gingham set with a biker jacket, chain details, and menswear inspired shoes.

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18. Patch Things Up - Don't just add a patch to a worn out elbow. Go crazy and add every badge you can find to a denim jacket or jeans for a unique vintage feel.

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19. Romantic at Heart - Go full throttle with romantic details like ruffles, off-the-shoulder necklines, and shades of red for an ultra-femme look that's sure to stun.

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20. Day to Night to Day Again - Planning on staying out all weekend long? Combine your day and night outfits into one great look by styling a sexy tank over a basic tee and shorts. A narrow crossbody will help hold all your overnight essentials for a sleepover with pals.

21. Bolder is Better - Colors and patterns and sunnies oh my! Make every part of your outfit feel big and bold for a standout look. Just remember to smile big too!

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22. Track Star - Make side-stripe track pants more accessible for the office with clean basics in classic shapes. Now you have no excuse for not hitting the gym right after work.

23. A New Suit - Why not try a shorter kind of suit this summer? The easiest way to get the look is by rocking a denim button up and denim shorts. And of course a blazer draped over your shoulders (as any street style star will tell you).

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24. Bandana Bandit - Let your bandana steal the spotlight by pairing it with a solid colored sheath.

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25. Lace Minus the Lining - Step one: put on shorts or a mini skirt and a slinky top. Step two: throw an oversized lace dress on top of the whole thing. Optional step three: add a mustache bag. Brunch, here we come.

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26. Collared Greens - Wearing a turtleneck or collared shirt under and old favorite dress helps to change up the necklace and add some pop to rolled up sleeves.

27. Ease Your Style - If you still haven't quite figured out the bustier-over-shirt styling trick try easing into things by wearing a basic tank over a long sleeve shirt.

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28. The Braided Topknot - Give your half up topknot a fresh new kick by french braiding the base. Bonus points if you also match your scrunchie to your dress.

29. Graphic Nature - Tuck an oversized graphic dress into leather shorts for a sporty look that doesn't feel as literal as a tracksuit.

30. Get InVested - If you're running out of fresh top ideas, why not try zipping a short vest all the way up and wearing it as a shell.

31 Styling Ideas For Every Day This March

Oh how I love the great unpredictability of March weather. One day it will be warm and bright, with birds chirping in the distancing hinting at the possibility that it will soon be spring, and the next clouds are threatening to bring on a barrage of snow despite the fact that you all too optimistically packed away your snow boots a week ago. The only upside to Mother Nature's version of March Madness? It forces you into some very puzzling sartorial situations. For instance how should one dress if it's going to be 50 and sunny in the morning but 30 and possibly snowing later that evening? I'm not sure I've quite figured that one out yet, but below are some of the styling tricks I hope to be rocking every day this month.

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1. All Tied Up — Sick of you winter scarves yet? I know I am. Try tying them around your torso like a beauty queen's sash updating your go to coat while simultaneously freeing your neck from their fuzzy embrace.

2 sparkles under vest.jpg

2. Geek Chic Sequins — By now the idea of wearing sequins for day should barely phase you, let alone come as a shock. Instead of sticking to the tried and true versions, i.e. sequined joggers or a sparkly pencil skirt, wear your bling under a cozy knit (like a nerdy chic sweater vest) to keep the trend feeling fresh. 

3. Track Star — Side stripe pants, whether you call them tuxedo or track, were everywhere this fashion month. Play down the sporty vibe with luxe pieces like a faux fur jacket or crisp button up.

4. Make A (Single) Statement — Let your baddest and boldest coat steal the spotlight by pairing it with clean simple basics. You may see it as a chance to give a little love to your favorite statement piece, I see it as a great excuse to wear jeans and a tee to work. Same thing, right?

5. Get Pinned — Not sure if you're really all that into the giant brooch trend? Ease into it with mini pins on the lapel of your coat or the collar of you shirt.

6. Fancy Shmancy — Get extra millage out of your fanciest skirts by pairing them with cozy knits and basic flats or booties.

7. Get Dressed In The Dark — The most magical "third piece" of them all, the long vest, can take even the most mixed up colors and prints and bring them together in a way that works. So go for it, get dressed in the dark and then just pop your go-to solid long vest over it all.

8. Play Bachelorette — If you're anything like me, you've tried and tested a number of fitness and health trackers to see which one works best. And by that I mean which one makes me feel most guilty about skipping the gym. Instead of giving the final rose to just one tracker, embrace your play-girl status and wear them all. Unlike dates, they won't get jealous.

9. Patch Things Up — The freshest new way to rock denim on denim is with patched pieces in differing shades. It also never hurts to throw a Chanel slingback into the mix.

10. Jewels From Head to Toe — Monochrome outfits never fail to make a lady look elegant, but when the color of choice is a jewel tone like emerald, ruby, or sapphire the look takes on a whole new level of chic.

11. Knot Your Average Shirt — Tie up your button downs like never before by knotting just one side, both sides separately, or turn the whole thing around and knot the back.

12. A Perfect Couple — Bridge the gap between your warm and cold weather wardrobes by pairing your airiest summer dress with your coziest faux fur jacket. You may feel like the two extremes won't work but the end effect is just as dreamy a pair as Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf.

13. asodfwl

14. Maine to NYC Transplant — Embrace your inner prep and go full on Lands' End catalog with cargo skinnies, a chunky fisherman's knit, a popped collar, and your trusty denim jacket. Finish it off with a twist in the shape of some sky high pointy toed stilettos.

15. Eye Spy — Quirky accessories are always the easiest way to spice up a look. Give googly eyes and cartoon touches a chance and you'll see just how quickly they can brighten your day.

16. Easy As 1, 2, 3 — Matching sets are nothing new, but what about matching triads? Bonus points if the three pieces are pants, a jacket, and a dress instead of a shirt or vest.

17. Comfortably Cool — Who says you can't be comfy and cool all at once? Ease into the pajama suit trend in loose fitting separates of differing patterns, then dress it up with a red lip and a ribbon tied round your neck.

18. A Double Rainbow — Decision making is hard. Skip the process all together and paint each nail a different pastel shade (or two) instead.

19. Jacket-As-Shirt Dressing — The key to transitional dressing is to layer up, but that doesn't mean your layers have to be worn in the traditional sense. A jacket takes on a second life as a shirt when zipped up and belted.

20. Hello Ombre, My Old Friend — Ombre doesn't have to just apply to colors. Start from the top with dark heavy wools and work you way down to light as air ballet flats for a perfectly lovely transitional look.

21. Warm, Not Dark — Another great way to combine your winter and summer wardrobes? By keeping pant legs and shirt sleeves long in prints and colors so bright you'll just have to break out your most glamorous cat eye shades.

22. Crossed Out — Don't just tuck in your button up, cross it first! This trick doesn't only look polished and fresh, but also helps cut down on bulking blousing.

23. Well Suited — Wearing a suit can get old fast. Mix things up with an unexpected color, fit, or fabric.

24. Put A Sock In It — If you've been wanting to try wearing socks with heels but chicken out every time, now is your moment. Start with a basic solid colored sock and unfussy shoe in brown or black leather before letting your imagination go wild with possibilities.

25. Make It A Mini — Challenge yourself to bring only your on-trend mini bag to work all week and revel in the joy of unburdened shoulders.

26. A Tailored Bouquet — It's time to get those floral maxis out of storage! Even if the weather won't allow you to rock them with sandals and a bikini underneath, the pretty petal patterns will still look just as good under a tailored blazer.

27. A Scarf For Your Waist — Worried that baggy over sized pants will make you look like you've been enjoying one too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies? Think again! Tied up with a skinny scarf a too-big waist instantly becomes paperbag chic.

28. Princess Vibes — You are probably not one of the few who scored a pair of Dolce & Gabbana x FRENDS embellished headphones (lucky Rihanna), but that doesn't you can't bring on the bling when it comes to your headgear. Channel your inner princess with crystal and pearl detailed headbands.

29. Lei It On Me — This is not the Hawaiian shirt your dad breaks out on vacation. This is a socially acceptable and totally chic Hawaiian shirt made even chicer by a pair of wide leg, tied-a-the-waist pants. You don't have to beg him not to rock his version out in public so the two of you can match, but you should definitely thank him for the unexpected fashion inspiration.

30. Match, Set, Win — Blush and forest green are a match made in sartorial heaven and are the perfect color mix of spring and winter.

31. I Want a Vacation — Or just say eff it all, I want summer. Swimwear as street wear not recommended, but hey, you do you.