Bezels and Bytes, Making Wearable Tech Fashionable

Despite recent setbacks for Google Glass, it looks like wearable technology is here to stay for the time being. The only issue now is how to make the sporty fitness trackers we love so much look fashionable enough for everyday use. Until the creators of these health accessories respond to our desire for chicer options, we will just need to adjust them ourselves with the help of covers and cases. Luckily, Bezels & Bytes is here to grant our wishes.

The San Fransisco- based tech cover company was founded by Melissa Koerner and Sarah Shapiro, both fashion industry alums. Together they've created a myriad of cover options for the FitBit Flex, each more adorable than the next.

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Bezels & Bytes offers a punk rock stud wrap bracelet, a chic pendant necklace, a simple ID bracelet, and earrings to complete the whole look. They are perfect for masking your FitBit Flex, making it infinitely more wearable for everyday use. As the founders told Angela Tafoya of Refinery29, "We are thrilled to build a fashion-accessories line for our modern lives. We hope Bezels & Bytes will become an accessories destination for the modern woman-on-the-go."

Find out more at You can shop the collection now at, and the products expected to ship in April.


images via Refinery29 and Indiegogo