DIY : Phillip Lim Pom Pom Jacket

Browsing street style photos from Fashion Month is always a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, the images give me great outfit inspiration but on the other, I can barely afford to even look at a lot of the designer pieces those men and women wear. However, just because I can't afford to buy the real thing doesn't mean I can't still rock designer inspiration!

For example, one look at Phillip LIm's pom pom jacket and I knew I could DIY a version for well under the $1,200 designer price tag. All you need is a baseball jacket like this one from Forever21, some pom poms in whatever colors you'd like, and a needle and thread. I ended up making my pom poms from embroidery thread using Giddy Up Workshop's YouTube tutorial because I had so much lying around, but there are plenty of options available on Etsy and from fabric stores like Mood.

Once you have all the materials together you can start playing around with different pom pom combinations and placements. I started with the big colorful pom poms and then added the little white ones after. Once you've come up with a design you like, simply pin the poms in place and start sewing them on! I found it easier to sew the white poms to the colorful poms before attaching them to the jacket, but whatever works for you.

Now that you've got your pom poms ready to go, you can throw the jacket on over whatever you'd like! And the total cost? Just under $35. Much more affordable than Phillip Lim and just as cute. Enjoy!