Get the Look : Accessorize Me Please

Sometimes the success of an outfit has less to do with the actual clothing and much more to do with all the extras - jewelry, bags, sunglasses, hats, scarves, and the works. Hey, even a Starbucks cup or J. Crew shopping bag can count. Whatever you feel completes your attitude for the day, rock it with confidence. After all, who else can make those oversized cat eye sunnies go from costume to classic with such ease?

image taken from Pinterest

image taken from Pinterest

Although I'm embarrassed to admit it, I've even worn fake glasses on days when my nerdy chic outfit needed a little extra boost. Accessories have the power to transform an old go-to look into something totally new. They can give a punk rock dress a prep-school vibe or add some glamor and grace to those casual basics. Don't be afraid to pile on the bracelets, go bold with necklaces, rock a hat, or throw a fur (faux or otherwise) shawl over your shoulder. Accessories are how women take the same skinny jeans and white tee you'll find in almost every closet and transform them into something unique.

Here is my fall accessory wishlist for you to shop away. What's on yours?

Kate Spade Shawna Sunglasses // Anya Hingmarch Hangbag // Quay Kitty Shades
Miru Faux Fur Scarf // J.Crew Factory Two Tone Cap // Kenzo Mini Satchel
Lumier Gold Banded Belt // Falconwright Evil Eye Clutch // BaubleBar Amazon Necklace
Ray Ban Velvet Erika Sunglasses // ASOS Olivia Clutch // ILY Gold Lariat Drop Necklace
ALDO Jeweled Beanie // Starbucks Holiday Cup // Anthropology Clutch
Zara Two Tone Scarf

*Also I am definitely not kidding about that red holiday Starbucks cup. Just you wait and see.