All Tied Up

Last week I spent some time finally packing up my summer clothes and unpacking my heavier sweaters, corduroy pants, and fuzzy gloves. It's always a challenge to find the room to replace light and airy clothes with bulkier items but somehow I manage to make the change. My favorite part of the season switch though, is always the accessories. Bikinis, flip flops, and sarongs get switched out for hats, gloves, and, of course, scarves.

Scarves are one of those things I feel you can't ever have too many of, although I'm sure my mother would disagree. I always find myself looking for a scarf to complete an outfit or just to add some extra color, comfort, or a certain "je ne sais quoi." I almost always just wrap the scarf around my neck like thread on a spool, but this year I'd like to try being a bit more creative. A quick Google search lead me to this video by Nordstrom that offers 16 different ways to tie your scarves and endless ways to appreciate them. With inspiration like this, how could I go wrong?

all images taken from Pinterest