a Pair & a Spare

Lately I've been all about DIY projects. There's something wonderful about wearing or using something you made yourself, or at least decorated yourself. For much of my DIY inspiration I turn to the blog a Pair & a Spare by Australian beauty Geneva Vanderzeil, but really her blog is so much more than just craft inspiration.

A Pair & a Spare covers everything from reconstructing thrift shop finds, to travel and packing advice, to outfit inspiration. Vanderzeil really does it all. Her light and casual tone gives her blog a sense of friendliness, like it belongs to your BFF or a girl you know. I especially love the ease and simplicity of many of her outfits and DIY projects. Another wonderful aspect of her blog is her partnership with craft supplier Wander & Hunt. On their website, she sells DIY kits and supplies to compliment her projects and makes finding supplies an absolute breeze.

Vanderzeil is constantly posting new content, making a Pair & a Spare a daily stop for me. I know I'll always find something new to try or something exciting to inspire me. Check out some of her latest DIY projects below and click to get started!

all images via aPair&aSpare.com