The Not-So-Classic Button Down

After spying Theory's stunning Diaz dress earlier this month, I began to keep an eye out for other interesting versions of the classic white button down. While most regard the white button down as an absolute must for any wardrobe, men's and women's, I have never really noticed the absence of such an item from my closet. I certainly used to own a perfectly lovely version from the Gap until I suddenly decided that the collar was way too skinny and made my neck look enormous. I have no idea where this perception came from, but never the less that white button down was gone by the weekend.

I've never been one to follow the "rules" of fashion, but the more I look around me the more women and men I see following their own fashion paths. Why limit your white button down to the expected Ralph Lauren silhouette when there are a number of other options that are just as versatile? Try out some of my favorite not-so-classic button downs below!