Nasty Gal Has Officially Touched Down

The business that started out as a simple vintage eBay shop now officially has a brick-and-mortar store of its own. That's right, Nasty Gal has set up shop at 8115 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and will open the doors to customers starting November 21st.

image via  Instagram

image via Instagram

Although the store's neighbors consist of fashion standards like Fred Segal, Creatures of Comfort, and Paul Smith, Nasty Gal is sure to bring something fresh to the block. After all, that's what has made the business such a success. The Nasty Gal look is unique, flirty, and, most importantly, fun. So if you were looking for a way to avoid heading to LA for Thanksgiving, maybe think again. Yes, you'll have to spend time with relatives who hug for way too long, but Nasty Gal will only be minutes away... time to start those pro/con lists up again!

Start planning your Nasty Gal store shopping list with some of my favorites below: