For the Carrie on your Holiday Gift List

Few have been surprised by the success of Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe line which launched at Nordstrom last February. With all the women who mention Carrie Bradshaw as a major fashion icon, it was bound to be a hit. Now SJP is branching out to Neiman Marcus, and this time she's not just bringing shoes.

Parker's collection features a number of Bradshaw approved heels and stilettos in a gorgeous variety of colors. It's essentially a collection of all the basics you never knew your closet needed. And while Parker may not be such a fan of flats she has designed a few styles for the heel-shy among us, including the Audrey, named for another infamous style icon.

This style merger also marks the beginning of Parker's branching into home goods. In addition to SJP shoes, Neiman Marcus is selling a special-edition candle with "notes of black amber, wild fig, and ginger." So, not only can you walk like Carrie Bradshaw, now your apartment can smell like her too. Now if only we could write like her...

Check out a video featuring the collection and produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and Neiman Marcus below!