73 Questions for Anna Wintour


Ever wonder what book the Vogue Editor in Chief considers her favorite? Or perhaps what type of flowers to send after your interview with the Head Honcho herself? Well Vogue Video compiled a list of 73 questions for the fashion mavin and you'll be surprised by some of her answers.

video courtesy of Vogue Video.

The charming video offers us a glimpse into the famed Vogue headquarters, but more interesting is the sneak past Ms. Wintour's infamous black sunnies. The interview, while obviously rehearsed at points, makes the EIC seem like a normal relatable woman instead of the feared powerhouse many rumors make her out to be. Don't be fooled, Wintour still runs the fashion world, but that doesn't mean she can't also love reading Pride and Prejudice, spending time with her kids, and playing with colors and pattens in her wardrobe. Watch the video to hear more from Anna Wintour's 73 questions.