Desk Top

Recently I decided to stop using my desk as an extra bookshelf and actually use it for its intended purpose. This meant clearing it of stacks of old magazines, tons of old journals, what seemed like 400 pens and pencils, as well as a myriad of other junk. After laying out what I intended to keep on/in my desk, I headed to my new favorite obsession The Container Store. They have literally everything you need to keep yourself organized. Now everything on my desk has its very own space and place and I can actually sit down to use my computer and do some work.

My next project? Getting my desk to look like these beauties I came across on Pinterest. Here are a few of my wish list items for decorating and beautifying my home work space.

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

Smartphone Charging Station $30 // Angled Heirloom Pencil Holder $14
2015 Kate Spade 17-Month Planner $36 // Jardin Weekly Desk Planner $12
Lucite Rose Gold Stapler $32 // Squirrel Match Strike $42 // Magazine Organizer $25
Champagne Candle $42 // Lined Paper Notepad $8 // Gumball Desk Lamp $59

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