Dream, Girl : the Documentary

Working in the fashion industry, I've come across a lot of women I would classify as Girl Bosses (or #GIRLBOSSes as coined by Sophia Amorusa). These women are smart, hard working, passionate, and not afraid to chase after their dreams. In many ways, I have come to take them for granted. I have so many career role models to look up to and I forget how lucky this makes me. Women should have the ability to be Boss in any field, not just those deemed girly. This is why Erin Bagwell's new documentary caught my attention.

The film, titled "Dream, Girl", tells the stories of female entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. These women have all succeed in becoming Bosses, whatever that means to them. Some of Bagwell's interviewees include Christa Freeman and Jess Eddy, Christen Brandt, Mariama Mounir Camara-Petrolawicz, and Micah Clasper-Torch, to name just a few. The project is important to Bagwell, as well as those featured in the film, because all too often women are seen as a prize, sidekick, or object. Young women and girls should grow up knowing they have the same opportunities as their male counterparts and can rise to the same ranks or be just as successful starting their own businesses. It's not about being better, but being equal.

Bagwell began a Kickstarter campaign for the documentary on August 6th and succeeded in raising almost double her $57,000 goal with over 1,000 backers. The response was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. After all, who doesn't want to see our girls succeed?

To find out more about "Dream, Girls" or donate to the cause visit Kickstarter.com or click the image above. Image and video taken from Kickstarter.com.