Get the Look : NYFW

Typically New York Fashion Week is an exciting opportunity for designers to show off their latest collections and brilliant new ideas, but I've always been more intrigued by the style out on the streets. NYFW brings out the best of the best in the fashion industry and gives them a chance to parade their own personal style throughout the city. One of the greatest aspects of fashion is its element of fantasy and ability to express any story you could want. I am always much more inspired by the way the women and men in fashion put together their looks than by the collections on the runways. So, for my first edition of "Get the Look" I'm starting with two simple but fun street style looks from NYFW.

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image taken from

Lady Left

All summer long we've experimented with mixing prints and searched for the perfect way to look creative instead of crazy. We've been told numerous times that sticking to one theme is a great place to start, for example mixing florals of the same size or prints of the same color schemes. However, if Lady Left is any indication of what mixing prints means for fall, you can toss the matching mantra out the window! Graphic tees with floral pants and a checkered shoe? At first thought it might be horribly overwhelming, but here Lady Left shows us just how to make it work! Keep the floral print small and avoid adding too many colors. Simple and chic is the way to go.

Lady Right

Nothing is better than a white t and jeans, no? Here Lady Right shows us how to work two wardrobe staples without looking boring or uninspired. Spice us your white t by wearing a short sleeved sweater instead. Bonus points if it has an interesting element like a fringed hem, jeweled neckline, or interesting texture. Lady Right knows the best way to make ripped boyfriend jeans acceptable for Fashion Week is by adding a pair of classic heeled sandals. The finishing touch? A funky clutch in bright colors adds the perfect amount of quirk and conversation to her look. Comfortable and stylish? All of my favorite things in one.

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