NCLA + Beyonce

At this point you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would disagree that Beyonce is talented. She can sing, dance, write, and perform, but more than that she has style, grace, and a beautiful family. Earlier this year, we all rejoiced upon hearing that the Queen B was revealing another talent as part of a collaboration with TopShop - fashion designer. Well it looks like her design skills have moved beyond your wardrobe and onto your nails.

Beyonce has teamed up with Lisa Logan, the singer's longtime manicurist, and NCLA to create a series of nail wraps available for purchase just in time for all your holiday parties. The designs are inspired by some of Beyonce's most recent looks. There is a red plaid that reminds us of the "***Flawless" music video, and a mosaic reminiscent of Bey's Tom Ford bodysuit and fishnets from the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The wraps can be applied quickly and easily, much like Beyonce's costume changes while on tour. In an interview with Vogue, Logan said of the nail warp designs (and her singer friend), "You can never peg what [Beyonce] wants to wear or who she wants to be that day - you have to be able to switch it up."

Each set sells for $18 and can be purchased at

Caeden + Soo Joo Park

What do you get when you combine sleek headphones with one of fashion's coolest models? Quite possibly one of the most stylish partnerships of the year. Model Soo Joo Park has teamed up with Caeden to design a line of headphones sure to make it to the top of any music/fashion lover's holiday wishlist.

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The Linea Collection, as it's called, features both over-ear and in-ear headphones. The combination of faceted carbon and rose or yellow gold creates a clean architectural look, which should come as no surprise. Before becoming the mega model she is today, Soo Joo Park studied and worked in the architecture and graphic design fields.

In an interview with's Steff Yotka, Park said, "I’ve been modeling full time for a few years now, but before that I was studying design and architecture in college and had a little bit of a job in between as a graphic designer, so I’ve always been into design, and the way [David Watkins, founder of Caeden] described the brand seemed very interesting. That’s kind of how [the partnership] started." Already a fan of his phone case designs, Park met Watkins at Paris Fashion week where he filled her in on his newest business venture. 

Caeden's Linea collection is available for purchase now on their website. Be sure to also sign up for their elist to receive more information on Caeden's future projects, including a line of connected jewelry set to debut in Summer 2015.

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Nothing is better than the feel of a new cashmere sweater. The chic simplicity of such a staple is what makes it a must have, season after season. The only issue? The price tag. But worry no more budget babes and boys, Everlane has come to our rescue.

Everlane is a clothing company focused on providing high quality for a reasonable price. And while luxe items like cashmere will never be cheap, Everlane's "radical transparency" policy allows customers to see every cost accrued during the production of their products. This includes everything from their clothing to their catalogs, which have the cost of production outlined in a neat little flow chart on the back cover.

The Everlane team is committed to finding the best factories in the world and forming a close relationship with the people who run those factories. This brand is about much more than just selling clothes. It's about connecting the customer to the business all the way from the gathering of the raw materials to the moment that package hits your stoop.

The best part? Everlane's products are perfectly chic, high quality, and at the top of your holiday wishlist. At least they should be. Head over to to learn more about this innovative brand and the difference it hopes to make in an industry often focused on income.