Christmas Countdown : 11 Days

With only eleven days to go, you really should be finished shopping for gifts. But just in case you're a procrastinator here are eleven last minute gifts from ASOS guaranteed to make it in time for the big day! That is, if you order them by December 16th. Really, you should get going on this...

As an extra bonus, check out ASOS Premier. As a member you get free 2 day shipping all year long! Perfect for those os you who like to wait until the very last minute. Hey, it happens.

DIY : Monster Mash

One of the best ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive even once you've past the days of trick-or-treating is with spooky little touches here and there. Decked out flats, a cat ear'd hat, or the latest addition to my wishlist, ASOS's monster face clutch, all fit the bill.

images above taken from ASOS, image here taken from Instagram

images above taken from ASOS, image here taken from Instagram

Because I'm the type of person who would use a monster face clutch almost year round I don't mind spending $30 on a novelty item, but not everyone feels so festive 365 days a year. So instead, I decided to DIY my own version with a wallet from Target and some felt. The best part? You can now give your monster any face you'd like!

You'll need:
 - a basic black clutch, or whatever color you'd like (herehere, here, here, or here)
 - felt
 - glue (you can use Tacky or E6000, which ever you prefer)
 - scissors, preferably ones that look like a giraffe

Cut the felt into whatever shapes you'd like. You can give your monster a smile, fangs, crossed eyes, a big nose, or cat eyes. Really it's all up to you!

I used the cap of a vitamin bottle and nail polish to trace the eyes. The eye lids were made using the same cap as the eyes, just cut in half to make one for each eye. For the black felt, make sure you have some white chalk or a colored pencil or (as I used) a metallic or white Sharpie so you can see your circle's outline.

Once you've cut out a face you like, attach the pieces to the front of the bag or wallet with the glue, making sure not to have any glue overspill on the sides. Now all that's left to do is wait for the glue to dry and then take your monster out for a night on the town!

image taken from Instagram

image taken from Instagram