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Costume Countdown : Dry Cleaning

Well, Halloween is tomorrow and you still have nothing to wear. Have no fear, Lady Gray is here! Actually this next idea came from a Cheap Challenge post by Refinery29 last Halloween, but its brilliance should really be recognized. What is something you can almost guarantee every girl has in her house? Or at least her neighbor's house? Dry cleaning.

This costume is as simple as putting on whatever dress you'd like and then throwing your dry cleaning bag and hanger on over it. Bonus points for making a dry cleaning slip to go with it, stapled onto the bag. Even if you've already taken your dry cleaning out of the bag and thrown away those wire hangers, you can still DIY this costume with minimal purchases that can easily be found at your corner store. Just take a hanger (preferably wire), paper, and markers to make the signature "We <3 Our Customers" hanger, and a clear plastic garbage bag with holes for your arms. Voila! An adorable, clever costume all set to go in just 15 minutes.

If you have some extra time and want to get creative, use wire to create a hanger headband, like the Rent the Runway version above, or add other clothes on hangers to your front and back, like in the Refinery29 version. Now seriously, you only have one day to do this so you better get started.

Costume Countdown : Cat Burglar

"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color." I'm still not quite sure who said it first, but for all too many people that quote is the absolute truth. There's a reason the little black dress is both universally flattering and appropriate, and the reason why I expect all of you to have the makings of a cat burglar costume easily at hand.

images via Pinterest

images via Pinterest

Black head to toe shouldn't be very challenging for most women out there. In fact you may be wearing the base of this costume right now! It's really the extras that complete the look and take you from everyday chic to me-ow. Obviously some ears and a tail are a must, but if you're not up to visiting PartyCity or the Halloween pop-up shop down the street you can easily make your own with a simple DIY. You can make the ears by adding wire or felt cutouts to a black headband, and a tail by cutting and stuffing an old pair of black tights.

You could stop there and slink about town as just a simple black cat, but what fun is that? Now comes the burglar part. Adding a mask and a bag of money takes your costume to a more creative level and honestly, is just much more fun. Again you can purchase these accessories fairly cheaply (mask and bag), or you can DIY. The mask can be made by cutting holes in the left over tights from your DIY tail or with any other black fabric you may have. The bag can be a simple as sticking a dollar sign cut from black paper or fabric onto a brown bucket bag you already own, or onto a canvas sack. Now throw on some foxy black boots or heels and you're ready to steal the night away!