Costume Countdown : Romy and Michele

There's only a week left until Halloween and I still don't have a costume. I always end up waiting until the last minute to come up with something, but frequently those last minute ideas are my best ideas. This year I'm counting down to the 31st with a Costume Countdown. Each day I'll post a costume idea, decreasing in difficulty to put together, until we reach the big night. Get ready to trick-or-treat ladies and gents!

My first costume post might already be my favorite. Almost everyone has seen the movie "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" or at the very least remembers the looks the starring women wore to their big event. I've always wanted to dress up as Romy and Michele, but as a brunette with few willing blonde friends, I've never had the chance.

image taken from Pinterest

image taken from Pinterest

There are a few ways you can approach these costumes depending on how much you're time or money you're willing to spend. As is often the case, you really need to put in one or the other to pull this off. So far this Etsy seller has the best version you can find if you want to spend minimal money and time compiling these outfits. However, if you're willing to DIY a bit you can definitely have some equally as fantastic come October 31st.

First Michele! All you need is the following:
 - a pink dress, preferably short, fit-and-flare, metallic, and strappy
 - pink feather or fur trim to attach to the hem
 - a silver choker (can be made with silver fabric from Romy's dress)
 - pink sandals
 - pink clutch
The key to Michelle's look is to throw on as much glitter and pink as possible. The shiner the clothes and accessories are, the better!

Now on to Romy. This is what you'll need:
 - a short, tight, blue dress
 - silver fabric to DIY her dress details (here, here)
 - silver sandals
 - a silver choker
 - a watch

Romy's costume DIY does involve a bit more sewing or crafting than Michele's, but just remember this is only for Halloween. Gluing is totally acceptable. Especially considering the fact that you only have a week to get this going. So go girl, go!!!