The Naked Vault

No, I'm not talking about another celebrity photo scandal. I'm talking about this:

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That's right. Urban Decay has decided to answer our prayers and put their most popular Naked beauty products into one magnificent gift package - The Naked Vault. The Vault comes with all three Naked eye shadow palettes, all three Flushed blush, highlighter, and bronzer palettes, three eye pencils, and three lipglosses. I'll just let that sink in for a bit.

If purchased separately, the items in this collection would total a lofty $372, however the Naked Vault will be sold for $280. That's $92 to spend on a hot new outfit to match the fantastic new going-out look you will create with all these beauty options. Now, $280 is still pretty high but luckily for all of us, a couple of gift giving holidays are right around the corner. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Thank you Urban Decay for making this holiday season merry and bright!

The Vault is available at and select retailers.