Gift Guide : the Bartender

Drink up, ladies and gents! The Bartender has arrived! This friend loves to host the part or pregame and has their Harvard Bartending Degree framed on the wall. It's likely that they will already have the essentials for manning a fully stocked bar, so instead look for themed presents and things with personal touches.

For instance, why not gift a monogrammed bottle stopper or an engraved shaker? These are special versions of things your friend may already have, but I doubt they have a version quite like this. You can also go for a champagne, bourbon, or vodka scented candle from Jonathan Adler (trust me, they smell amazing!), a vintage cocktail recipe book, or sunglasses made from old whiskey barrels. If you're really looking to go all out, try the personalized bar ware set from Man Crates, the manly gift basket company. And what perfect timing these gifts are, with New Year's Eve just around the corner.