Gift Guide : the Traveler

Traveling takes a toll on everyone, but that won't stop me from wanting to see the world! Treat your wanderlust driven friends to some things guaranteed to make their way a little easier. Like a TSA approved hair care set from Drybar (adorably nick named the Up, Up, and Away! kit) to go in their new cheeky travel pouch. They may already own an eye mask, passport cover, or camera strap, but with everything they do those things are bound to get worn down. They may not think to replace those things, so why not do it for them? Especially when you can get custom versions made specifically for them. And lastly, even if they're only traveling one town over, you can't go wrong with a portable USB charger from Triple C. Now they'll never run out of battery and you'll never run out of jealousy inducing Instagram pics to look through.