That Loving Feeling

Zink Magazine Winter 2013 Issue

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From their loving smiles to the glint in their Swarovski crystal eyes, each Ploosh purse is bound to bring you joy and comfort with a twist of sophistication. Ploosh purses are designed with the express goal of bringing their owners a feeling of warmth, like that of a child with their favorite stuffed animal. Each Ploosh is handmade to order out of genuine Italian leather and Swarovski detailing. The sophisticated stuffed animals come in three sizes, the small being perfect for use as a clutch while the large will undoubtedly bring you joy as a part of your household décor. The toys come in a variety of colors and styles including a chic matte black elephant, a sexy red suede hippo, and an adorable pink ballerina hippo.  Whether you are getting one for yourself or for a friend, Ploosh really is the best way to bring a stylish smile to someone’s face.